A Creative Real Estate Financing Strategy Using Specially Designed Life Insurance As Leverage
Are Your Frustrated By Not Receiving Any Interest On Your Operating Capital Or Savings?
Are You Fed Up With Paying High Interest Rates For Hard Money Loans?
Are You Concerned About Your Money Not Working For You While It's In The Property?
Is Your Operating Capital At Risk To Creditors?
What If There Was Second Financial Institution That...
Provides You A guaranteed
line of credit
Pays 5% Returns On Your Operating Capital 
Protects Your Capital
From Creditors
Wouldn't that be much more beneficial than using traditional banks? 
Oddly enough, specially designed life insurance policies can give you all these benefits and many more.
Open your mind and we can show you how to maximize your real estate returns without taking more risk.
If what you thought to be true about mortgages, turned out not to be,
when would you want to know?
Banks and Wall Street have a vested interest in controlling the narrative when it comes to mortgages. It’s crucial to do your own thinking. We want our clients to question everything because what we teach is in direct conflict with what the financial media tells you to do. 

The common narrative of making the largest down payment, getting a 15-year mortgage instead of a 30, and making extra payments benefits the bank, NOT you! That might shock you. But it’s the truth, and we can prove it. Just because you pay less interest, doesn’t mean you pay less cost. Those are two different concepts that are purposely blended.

Banks don’t educate the public on financial concepts that influence the mortgage decision such as the role of inflation, killing a tax deduction, the ability to make a spread, the value of liquidity, having to requalify for the equity, etc…

Do what the banks do, not what they tell you to do.

Give us a call, and we can analyze your property to show you how paying a mortgage off early, COSTS you money!
You can borrow against your cash value for any reason. This benefit is contractually guaranteed. Similar to a line of credit, when you make a payment to your principal loan balance, another loan can be taken at any time, as long as the total balance does not exceed the cash value in your account. Unlike a bank, there is no qualification process, no credit approval, nor is it on the UCC-1 report.
The repayment terms of the loan are completely flexible, in other words, you are in total control of if, when and how much you pay back. You control the amortization schedule, not the lender. We know this sounds too good to be true… it’s not!
Successful real estate investors believe in a growth mindset. This means they are open minded and continuously questioning the status quo. We embrace the idea of providing uncommon financial advice that gives our clients more control, higher returns and less risk. Hopefully, you are practicing this mindset, but if not, we invite you to step outside your comfort zone.
CLU, CFBS & CEO of Privatised Banking
Shawn Byerly, CLU, CFBS is a passionate entrepreneur in the advanced markets of the Financial Services industry. He is the founder and CEO of Privatised Banking, a financial education company that believes in thinking differently as to how families and business owners should grow wealth. We are committed to financial education. We offer a financial philosophy that is based on financial principles that do not change. The status quo of giving up control of your money and relying on Wall Street and Banks to do our thinking for us has only worked for them and not my client.
“The secret to fully internalizing the specifics of the strategy is in understanding the nature of the collateral.”
What are the main benefits to a real estate investor?
As a real estate investor, asset protection is a crucial component. This strategy can provide unlimited creditor protection depending on the state. This account is private, liquid, has tax-free growth, offers higher returns and less risk than an account at a bank.
Does this strategy replace your current cash flow model?
Absolutely. Similar to how your cash flow goes in and out of the bank account for opportunities or expenses (down payments or rehab costs), the Privatised Banking policy is a more profitable cash flow system with additional benefits not available at banks. Storing your safe liquid dollars in a traditional bank is an inefficient way to manage your cash and is available to creditors. This inefficiency is very costly.
Learn The Truth About Mortgages
Our Objective
We advocate for the financial truth, therefore we base our advice on financial principles, NOT financial products.

Our firm provides guidance to real estate investors on an alternative thought process that maximizes their rate of return on their investments—not by taking more risk, but by thinking creatively.
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